How We Can Help


No matter the size or type of your organization, social media offers you the opportunity to build your brand and grow your business.  Rocky Mountain Media Group has the solution to help you. We’re here to partner with you as you discover your voice in the digital world.

Rocky Mountain Media Group has several service packages designed to meet your needs. But we realize that each client is unique.  If one of our service packages isn’t the best fit for you, we will develop a plan that’s just for you.

Some of the services we offer in our packages:

Social Media Training – Our trainings are highly customizable and can be presented to an individual or for an entire company. Whether you are new to the world of social media, or have been here for a while, there’s always more to learn.

Social Media Audits – If you already have a social media presence here are some questions: Are you consistently representing your brand across multiple channels?  Are you simply pushing content from one channel to the others?  Are you maximizing the opportunity to engage with your fans and followers?  Are you executing your strategy, or is it hit or miss with your efforts?  We’ll perform a review of what you are currently doing and offer recommendations of areas that can be enhanced.

Strategic Planning – In order to use social media tools successfully you need a plan.  We will assist you in developing a plan to create content and connect with your customers in a way that builds relationships and engages your audience.

Profile and Page Creation – Your profile and page are often your first contact with potential customers.  We help you make a great first impression by creating custom pages and engaging profiles for you.

Social Media Presence and Campaign Management – Perhaps you may understand the value of social media, but you don’t have the time to invest to make the most of it.  Let us manage your social media presence or launch a specific campaign for you.

Brand Monitoring – Traditional marketing looked like a brand standing in front of a crowd with a bull horn talking about it’s products or services.  Social media has turned marketing into a two-way conversation.  Even if you aren’t in the social media game, your customers and competitors are.  One way to find out what they’re saying is to develop listening channels. Hear what others are saying about your brand, and join the conversation.

Brand Development and Re-Branding– Is your brand a little unclear or undefined? With no consistent voice, it’s impossible to leverage the power of social media. We can facilitate a conversation with your key stakeholders to review the essence and messaging points of your brand.  Occasionally, you may discover that everyone is not on the same page — that your brand identity is not clear to everyone within your organization, or that your branding isn’t connecting with your customers. We walk with you through the process of evaluating your current branding and, if necessary, a re-branding process.

Personal Branding – Developing a personal brand in today’s marketplace is essential. Gone are the days when all you needed was a good looking resume and a handful of great references.  Employers have been turning to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter not only to peek into the lives of potential employees, but also to actively recruit them.  And if you are an author, speaker, or you’re self employed, building an online platform and a tribe is essential.  We walk with you through the process of determining what your personal brand should be, and then how to use social media to build that brand.