Saturday Social Media Summary – Facebook Page Notifications, LinkedIn Thought Leaders and Hangouts

Welcome to our Social Media Summary.  Each Saturday we review 3 of the biggest social media stories from the previous week. This week we’re looking at Facebook testing Page notifications, LinkedIn making it easier to follow thought leaders and some new Google+ Hangout features.

We hope you find this new weekly social media summary helpful and would love to hear any feedback in the comments. Without further ado, here’s this week’s edition of the Saturday Social Media Summary.


Social Media Summary 11-3-12


Facebook Begins Testing Page Notifications

This week Facebook seems to have begun addressing one of the biggest complaints by page owners, the fact that the algorithm Facebook uses prevents most fans of pages from seeing the content they share.  Facebook appears to have started testing on a feature that allows users to select an option to receive notifications when brands update their pages.  Users who have this feature will find a “Get Notifications” option under the “Liked” button on the Facebook page.

Facebook Page Get Notifications


Once selected, the user will than start receiving notifications from the brand each time they update. These notifications appear in the same place mentions and notifications from friends appear.

Facebook Page Notifications


While it’s good that Facebook has heard the frustration of page admins, this is not a great solution. First, I don’t believe many fans of pages are going to want to have a notification pop up on their screen each time the page updates. Second, even if they do, most users aren’t going to take the time to visit the brand pages to make this change.

Have you seen the new feature? If so, have you opted in to receive notifications? If you have it and want to test it out, you can always sign up for notifications from the Rocky Mountain Media Group Facebook Page. [Read more…]

Personal Branding and Social Media

If you aren’t thinking about personal branding and social media it’s time to start. Social media has the power to connect  you with thousands of people daily, and each interaction is an impression about who you are — what your personal brand is. Knowing how all of your social activity works together, and what your brand message is is important in presenting a clear personal brand to potential clients, partners, employers or employees.

Some of the highlights of today’s infogrpahic on personal branding and social media are:

  • Facebook – Add milestones and experiences that futther enchace your image
  • LinkedIn – Keep your profile current
  • Twitter – Search for your interests and join conversations in real time
  • Google+ – Content shared in Google+ shows up in Google search results, so make sure it is positive
  • Klout – Tells you areas where it thinks you are influential in the social space
  • – Create a personal landing page [Read more…]

A Marketer’s Guide To Social Media (Infographic)

Each year releases a marketer’s guide to social media. This year they reviewed 14 platforms in the areas of customer communication, brand exposure, traffic to your site, and SEO. While some of their findings as just what you would assume, some were surprising, and some were even questionable.


Key Takeaways:

  • Five new members were added to this years rankings — Pinterest, Google+, SlideShare, Quora, and Instagram. Some of the new kids on the block are doing pretty well.
  • Google+ Ranked highest in Customer Communication, Brand Exposure, and SEO
  • Twitter ranked highest in Traffic To Your Site
  • Instagram ranked last in 3 categories – Customer Communication, Traffic To Your Site, and SEO

You can also visit the website for a sortable infographic by category.

Do you agree or disagree with their evaluations? What platforms are driving the most traffic to your site? And where are you communicating most with customers?


Tracking Your Social Media Reach

This weekend I was catching up on some of my favorite podcasts and as I was watching a series of GeekBeat.TV episodes with Cali Lewis, I thought this was one you might find helpful. In it, Cali talks about free tools that assist in tracking your social media reach. Check out the short video and the links I’ve included below to the tools.

Tools Cali mentions:


  • Social Statistics – A third party service that ranks people, pages and posts.
  • Google+ Ripples – Once in Google+ you can select a public post and click on the view ripples option in the drop down menu for a treasure trove of info.


  •  Twitter Counter – Monitor growth, ranking and even get predictions for the next 30 days.


  • Insights – This is the free official Facebook dashboard that comes with your Facebook Page. It shows you how your page is trending and as the name suggests, gives you insights into who your followers are and what posts are resonating with your audience. You must have at least 30 likes on your page for Insights to be available.

Take advantage of these free tools to evaluate your social media efforts and let us know what you think. And we would love for you to share your favorite tools in the comments.


If you liked the episode of GeekBeat.TV you can subscribe via iTunes here.





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