The End and New Beginnings

Our story at Rocky Mountain Media Group is coming to an end. We will continue to serve our existing clients and will be available for limited consulting during 2017 as we phase out the business and transition into our new venture with Keller Williams Realty International. You can find out more about the new business on our new website – The Abel Team. Thank you to those who have allowed us to be a part of your organization, whether that be assisting with a rebrand, managing your social media or phone consultations. We have loved working with you and wish you continued success.

The Abel Team - Keller Williams Northern Colorado

Book Giveaway – The Icarus Deception

Julie and I love books and we love introducing others to good books almost as much as we like reading them ourselves. Well today we get to not only introduce you to a good book, but we’re going to give away 5 copies.


The book – The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin.

The Icarus Dception

Seth launched this book as a Kickstarter Campaign back in the summer and we couldn’t resist backing it and getting a few extra copies to give away. They arrived shortly before the holidays, but in the craziness of time-off and celebrating, we never decided how we would give them away.

Well, we decided and today is the day. Here’s what you need to do for a chance to win a copy.

1 – Leave a comment and share the book that helped you the most in 2012.

2 – RT or share this post via Facebook or Twitter.

That’s it – pretty easy.

I’ll choose 5 random winners on Saturday and have you email me your contact info so we can get those books out in the mail to you next week.

Thanks for reading the blog.


Social Media Blunders


It Only Takes a Moment

Social media blunders only take a momentary lapse of judgment. A snarky reply to a follower, a tweet from the wrong account or a poor attempt at humor. With the press of the enter button the entire social media world could be in an uproar.

It Can Happen To Anyone

Businesses, celebrities, politicians — no one is exempt. Anyone can make this mistake. And once it happens how you respond is critical. With a great strategy and a little honesty you can take an embarrassing situation and turn it into something positive.

Examples of Social Media Blunders

Check out today’s infographic from MDG Advertising to see some of the most infamous social media blunders from the past few years. The blunders of Ashton Kutcher, Anthony Weiner, Kenneth Cole, Ragu and the American Red Cross can serve as lessons for everyone using social media personally or professionally. [Read more…]

Labor Day

Labor Day

Today is Labor Day here in the US. Traditionally a holiday to celebrate the contributions of workers. It’s a day to relax, spend time with family and celebrate the unofficial end of Summer. Here at Rocky Mountain Media Group we hope you are able to do just that, we are. Enjoy!

That Rocky Mountain Thing

Mt. Bierstadt View

It’s Monday and maybe you stopped by the the Rocky Mountain Media Group site or checked your RSS reader looking for an new post with some helpful tips on how to get the most out of your social media efforts this week. If that’s the case, I apologize. We took a break this weekend and did that Rocky Mountain thing. Sunday we stepped away from our computers, did some social networking in person, and headed up into the mountains. Actually, up the mountain would be more accurate. Mt. Bierstadt at 14,060 feet to be more precise.   [Read more…]

What the Hashtag? The What, Why and How of the #

What the Hashtag?

You’ve seen them popping up everywhere. On your favorite TV show, the local news cast, and the Olympic coverage. Though the hashtag has been around Twitter for a while, it’s making it’s way into popular culture and many are wondering what that crazy number sign means.

What Is A Hashtag?

A hashtag is simply a user generated feature of Twitter that allows you to create, follow or participate in a conversation around a specific topic. It works by simply putting the number sign (#) in front of a word or phrase – such as #Olympics.

Once a hashtags is created, other users can participate in the conversation by using the same hashtag in their posts. Twitter and third party applications allow you to search for a specific hashtag and follow the conversation.

Why You Should Use  Hashtags?

Hashtags are a great way to connect with Twitter followers either personally or professionally. It’s an easy way to begin or join a conversation about your brand or a related topic and a great way to see what others are saying about you. Since hashtags are searchable, they are a great way to go back and look at past conversations without having to be active in them at the time. And hashtags provide you with an opportunity to join a conversation and connect with people who are not already following you, but share similar interests.

How You Can Use Hashtags

Some of the ways I use hashtags on Twitter are:

  • Monitor #YourBrand or #YourName
  • Finding new content on a topic
  • Join in existing conversations about topics I’m interested in
  • Participate in organized Twitter chats (interviews, topical conversations with experts, etc)
  • Follow an event I’m at or even couldn’t attend. (Some examples are the #Olympics, #WCGLS). If you are attending a conference, ask ahead of time if they have an official hashtag. Then use it to connect with conference attendees before you go, follow conversations about the sessions and make social plans while you are there and stay connected and share insights once you return home.
  • TweetChat is a great third party app that makes it easy to follow and participate in a conversation around a hashtag. Just enter your hashtag (don’t use the #) and it will automatically add the hashtag to your posts as well.

I’m sure you’re using hashtags in ways I didn’t cover, so please share those with us in the comments below.

The 10 Commandments of Pinterest

Pinterest is the hotest property in the social media world today. Today’s infographic on the 10 Commandments isn’t written in stone, but it is available on tablets everywhere. Following these 10 Commandments won’t make you more righteous, but they will help you get the most out of Pinterest for your brand.

Here is a sample of some of the things you should be doing on Pinterest:

  • Including Pinterest share buttons on your blog
  • Giving credit where credit is due
  • Be social – comment on others pins and say thank you
  • Pin different types of content – photos, text, video
  • Create and Curate great content

Check out the infographic below for the full list of Ten Commandments of Pinterest for Business.


10 Commandments of Pinterest (Infographic)


What would you make the 11th Commandment?



Three Ways to Turn a Negative Review into a Big Problem

Today we welcome back guest blogger Sarah Warren to the rm2g blog.  Sarah is a graduate of Baylor University, the University of Oklahoma and Focus Leadership Institute. She lives in Norman, Oklahoma where she does public relations for a university by day and owns Swoon Designs, a custom invitation business, by night. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, learning about new media, watching cheesy movies, and cooking gluten-free meals. Connect with Sarah on Twitter  @swoonsarah

Three stories, all true:

  1. A popular blogger with a new book gets on her Facebook fan page to tell her thousands of fans that someone has written a negative review about her book online, and she’s counting on her fans to correct her low rating.  The fans ravenously attack the negative reviewer (whose review was negative but fair) on the book’s review section on  They cuss out the reviewer and dare anyone else to write a negative review.  The blogger is meanwhile cheering them on from her Facebook fan page.
  2. I go to a salon, uncharacteristically arriving 10 minutes late.  In a moment straight out of Pretty Women, the beautician loudly and publically throws me out of the salon.  Being a social media pro, I write a negative review on a review site.  A few weeks later, I find there are suddenly positive reviews for that specific beautician on the review site and the salon’s Facebook fan page.  These reviews purposefully counter my negative review.
  3. I go to a conference for public relations professionals.  Among my colleagues is someone from an organization notorious for secrecy and censorship.  He repeatedly asks the speakers how to best censor social media and is baffled when the answer is “you don’t”.

How do you manage your fans?  You can ask them to fight for you.  Similarly, you can ask friends and loyal customers to challenge negative comments and reviewers.  Or you can censor your fans’ negative comments and viewpoints.  I think those are all pretty bad ideas. [Read more…]

Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day in the United States. A day we pause to remember those who gave their life in the service of our country. Thank you seems an inadequate response for all that has been given. May we always remember the cost of our freedom, and may we live full lives and give of ourselves in response.

A Marketer’s Guide To Social Media (Infographic)

Each year releases a marketer’s guide to social media. This year they reviewed 14 platforms in the areas of customer communication, brand exposure, traffic to your site, and SEO. While some of their findings as just what you would assume, some were surprising, and some were even questionable.


Key Takeaways:

  • Five new members were added to this years rankings — Pinterest, Google+, SlideShare, Quora, and Instagram. Some of the new kids on the block are doing pretty well.
  • Google+ Ranked highest in Customer Communication, Brand Exposure, and SEO
  • Twitter ranked highest in Traffic To Your Site
  • Instagram ranked last in 3 categories – Customer Communication, Traffic To Your Site, and SEO

You can also visit the website for a sortable infographic by category.

Do you agree or disagree with their evaluations? What platforms are driving the most traffic to your site? And where are you communicating most with customers?