The 4 Most Common Types of Facebook Page Promotions

If you manage the social media presence for a small business or a non-profit you might not be aware of the 4 types of Facebook Page promotions that are most commonly used to engage fans. Today’s infographic gives you a quick snapshot of four different types of Facebook Page promotions and how they work.

Just remember, Facebook does have guidelines as to how you run promotions on your page so be sure to check those out and make sure you are in compliance. [Read more…]

Saturday Social Media Summary – Facebook Page Notifications, LinkedIn Thought Leaders and Hangouts

Welcome to our Social Media Summary.  Each Saturday we review 3 of the biggest social media stories from the previous week. This week we’re looking at Facebook testing Page notifications, LinkedIn making it easier to follow thought leaders and some new Google+ Hangout features.

We hope you find this new weekly social media summary helpful and would love to hear any feedback in the comments. Without further ado, here’s this week’s edition of the Saturday Social Media Summary.


Social Media Summary 11-3-12


Facebook Begins Testing Page Notifications

This week Facebook seems to have begun addressing one of the biggest complaints by page owners, the fact that the algorithm Facebook uses prevents most fans of pages from seeing the content they share.  Facebook appears to have started testing on a feature that allows users to select an option to receive notifications when brands update their pages.  Users who have this feature will find a “Get Notifications” option under the “Liked” button on the Facebook page.

Facebook Page Get Notifications


Once selected, the user will than start receiving notifications from the brand each time they update. These notifications appear in the same place mentions and notifications from friends appear.

Facebook Page Notifications


While it’s good that Facebook has heard the frustration of page admins, this is not a great solution. First, I don’t believe many fans of pages are going to want to have a notification pop up on their screen each time the page updates. Second, even if they do, most users aren’t going to take the time to visit the brand pages to make this change.

Have you seen the new feature? If so, have you opted in to receive notifications? If you have it and want to test it out, you can always sign up for notifications from the Rocky Mountain Media Group Facebook Page. [Read more…]

Facebook’s Scheduled Posts – Five Things You Need To Know

Facebook's Scheduled Posts

Scheduled Posts Are Available For All Page Mangers

In case you missed the news earlier this summer, Facebook has given page managers the option of scheduling posts right from your page. You no longer have to rely on a third party solution like HootSuite or Buffer. If you haven’t been using any tools to schedule posts you may not be sure what the benefits are. Well, if you’re anything like us or our clients, you’re pretty busy. You might not have time to check in and update your page several times throughout the day. So you post occasionally, hoping to get your content in front of your customers. But your customers may not be on Facebook when you are. So between your lack of time and the timing of your posts, you may be missing them. Scheduled posts allow you to create all your posts at once and send them out at different times when your audience is most likely to see them.

If you aren’t already taking advantage of this, here are five things you need to know about Facebook’s scheduled posts.


#1 Scheduling posts for your Facebook Page is easy

First you need to create a new post, just like you would if you were posting it now. Once you have the post ready, click on the little clock symbol in the bottom left corner of the post. Here you can add a year, month, day, hour and minute (though you are only given ten minute increments to choose from). You can schedule up to 6 months into the future, but I’m not really sure if that would be beneficial. Once you have the time set, just click the schedule button and you’re all set.

Facebook's Scheduled Posts


#2 You can always go back and edit your scheduled posts

If you realize you made a mistake, or something has changed and you need to edit a pos,t Facebook makes that pretty easy. From your Admin Panel you click on Edit Page and then Use Activity Log. Select the post you want to edit or delete and your ready to go.

#3 There are certain types of posts you can schedule

There are certain types of posts that Facebook lets you schedule, such as Status Updates, Links, Photos, Videos, and YouTube links. All of these will appear on your timeline and in your fans’ news feeds just like you manually posted them.

#4 There are certain types of posts you can’t schedule

However, there are certain types of content you can’t schedule. Questions, offers, events, and albums fall into this category. And your scheduled posts won’t automatically post to Twitter if you have that set up. (If you do, please turn it off – Facebook and Twitter are different animals and need you to feed them different types of content. Perhaps that is for another post.)

#5 Don’t forget your scheduled posts

In the busyness of your day, don’t forget that you have scheduled content going out to your fans. Check your page when you have a few minutes during the day and respond to any fan comments. And an impromptu post with something that just happened is always a welcome addition to your scheduled content.

Everyone can benefit from Facebook’s scheduled posts

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never scheduled a post, or you’ve been using a third party app,  there are definitely some advantages to using Facebook’s scheduled posts. It’s a great time saver that allows you to get content out multiple times a day without being tied to your screen. And, it allows you to get that content out when your fans are most active online. Experiment with when you post and check your Facebook Insights to see what type of content and what timing is working best for you.

Are you using scheduled posts? If so, have you noticed a difference in fan engagement?



How To Change Your Facebook Custom URL

Until recently Facebook only allowed you to set a custom URL for your personal profile and a page once, after you selected it there was no way to change your Facebook custom URL. There were stories of some successfully contacting a sympathetic soul at Facebook and getting the URL changed, but it was a long shot.

All that has changed, at least a little. Facebook has allowed you one more chance to get your custom URL right, both for your Facebook Page and for your personal profile. This one-time change can be made right from your account, no need to try to contact the powers that be at Facebook. So if you aren’t happy with your original choice, or if your brand has changed, follow these step-by-step instructions to make the change. [Read more…]

5 Ways to Connect with Volunteers on Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool that allows non-profit organizations to stay connected with their volunteer base. If you are finding it difficult to connect with your volunteers on social media, here are 5 simple ideas you can implement today.

1- Facebook

Create a volunteer group for your organization so it is easy for volunteers to connect, communicate and coordinate.

2- Twitter

Highlight 3-4 volunteers each week for #FF (FollowFriday). Share a little about how they help your organization.

3- Instagram

Share photos of your volunteers in action. Highlight a volunteer of the week or month. Share these photos on your other social networks as well.

4- YouTube

Ask your volunteers to share their stories about how they connected with your organization and the impact they are seeing. Feature these videos on your blog.

5- Foursquare

Create a unique Foursquare volunteer check-in with a special perk and recognition for the mayor.

Bonus Tip

Remember to thank each and every volunteer in real life and let them know how much you appreciate the time and effort they are giving to your organization.

What other ways are you connecting with volunteers on social media?

A Marketer’s Guide To Social Media (Infographic)

Each year releases a marketer’s guide to social media. This year they reviewed 14 platforms in the areas of customer communication, brand exposure, traffic to your site, and SEO. While some of their findings as just what you would assume, some were surprising, and some were even questionable.


Key Takeaways:

  • Five new members were added to this years rankings — Pinterest, Google+, SlideShare, Quora, and Instagram. Some of the new kids on the block are doing pretty well.
  • Google+ Ranked highest in Customer Communication, Brand Exposure, and SEO
  • Twitter ranked highest in Traffic To Your Site
  • Instagram ranked last in 3 categories – Customer Communication, Traffic To Your Site, and SEO

You can also visit the website for a sortable infographic by category.

Do you agree or disagree with their evaluations? What platforms are driving the most traffic to your site? And where are you communicating most with customers?


What Brands Post vs What Fans Like – Facebook Infographic

When it comes to Facebook Pages brands tend to prefer sharing links versus other types of content. The problem is fans typically don’t engage with links, and engagement is the key to success on Facebook. What do fans want?  Check out this Facebook Infographic that our friend and reader Wendy Lewis sent to us.


Using photos and videos are by far the best way to get fans to engage on your page. What creative ways are you utilizing photos and videos on your Facebook Page.

Facebook Timeline – What You Need To Know (Infographic)

Ready or not here it comes! Facebook will begin rolling out the mandatory conversion of all brand pages to Timeline today. The infographic below will give you a quick overview of the new look and some of the behind the scenes changes that you will see if you haven’t already updated to the new Timeline. If you want a more in-depth explanation of the Timeline changes, check out my previous post Facebook Timeline for Pages is Here.  

Tell us what you think of the new Timeline for brands in the comments?


Tracking Your Social Media Reach

This weekend I was catching up on some of my favorite podcasts and as I was watching a series of GeekBeat.TV episodes with Cali Lewis, I thought this was one you might find helpful. In it, Cali talks about free tools that assist in tracking your social media reach. Check out the short video and the links I’ve included below to the tools.

Tools Cali mentions:


  • Social Statistics – A third party service that ranks people, pages and posts.
  • Google+ Ripples – Once in Google+ you can select a public post and click on the view ripples option in the drop down menu for a treasure trove of info.


  •  Twitter Counter – Monitor growth, ranking and even get predictions for the next 30 days.


  • Insights – This is the free official Facebook dashboard that comes with your Facebook Page. It shows you how your page is trending and as the name suggests, gives you insights into who your followers are and what posts are resonating with your audience. You must have at least 30 likes on your page for Insights to be available.

Take advantage of these free tools to evaluate your social media efforts and let us know what you think. And we would love for you to share your favorite tools in the comments.


If you liked the episode of GeekBeat.TV you can subscribe via iTunes here.





Facebook Timeline for Pages is Here


Ready or not, Facebook is set to roll out the new Timeline feature for Pages. Page Admins were notified today that the new feature is available for preview and early release for their pages, with an official full rollout for all pages coming March 30. Here is a quick run-down of the features, changes and some of my initial thoughts about Timeline for Pages.


Cover Photo

This works just like the cover photo on your personal page and is a great opportunity to highlight your brand. The large banner across the top is prime real estate and a great opportunity to feature products, your logo – whatever you think is best. The photo needs to be at least 399 pixels wide (the ideal size is 851×315 pixels) and per Facebook guidelines it may not contain price or purchase information, contact info (website address, email, physical address or anything that would go in the about section). This photo is obviously public. I will be playing with this area on our page and being intentional about taking some photos that fit well in these dimensions.

Profile Photo

Just like your personal profile photo, this is the image that shows up in the news feed of your fans. Choose a square image at least 180 pixels for best results.

Views and Apps

This is the area where your photos, videos, map or any other apps and views for you page are found. Facebook will automatically show four views here, you can add up to a total of twelve, and the rest will be available in a drop down menu. The photo app will always appear first, but Facebook encourages you to highlight what you think are the most important apps by rearranging them. [Read more…]