Social Media at Work (Infographic)

Professional Use of Social Media at Work

It’s Not Personal

Did you know that only slightly more than 1 in 10 people use social media at work for personal reasons? Or, that the Brits are more social at work than Americans?

Size Does Matter

Today’s infographic is a glance at the data from an Appirio survey of 300 employees and managers at both US and UK companies. It reveals that employees and managers both view and use social media at work differently. It also shows that the size of your company shapes where users think social media will have the greatest impact.

Key Points

  • 50% of all adults visit a social networking site at least montlhy
  • Social recruiting on LinkedIn makes up 39% of professional use of social networks
  • 10% of UK companies are using more than 4 social tools compared to only 5% of US companies
  • Small companies see social media primarily as a way to attract more customers. Large companies view social media as a way to engage and serve existing customers.
  • 43% of managers and 33% of employees say their company should invest more in social enterprise
  • Only 2% of US respondents say their company uses tools to listen on social networks

The State of Social Media at Work

State of Social Media At Work Infographic

Do you use social media at work as part of your job? If so, do these statistics reflect your company’s view of social media?

Facebook’s Scheduled Posts – Five Things You Need To Know

Facebook's Scheduled Posts

Scheduled Posts Are Available For All Page Mangers

In case you missed the news earlier this summer, Facebook has given page managers the option of scheduling posts right from your page. You no longer have to rely on a third party solution like HootSuite or Buffer. If you haven’t been using any tools to schedule posts you may not be sure what the benefits are. Well, if you’re anything like us or our clients, you’re pretty busy. You might not have time to check in and update your page several times throughout the day. So you post occasionally, hoping to get your content in front of your customers. But your customers may not be on Facebook when you are. So between your lack of time and the timing of your posts, you may be missing them. Scheduled posts allow you to create all your posts at once and send them out at different times when your audience is most likely to see them.

If you aren’t already taking advantage of this, here are five things you need to know about Facebook’s scheduled posts.


#1 Scheduling posts for your Facebook Page is easy

First you need to create a new post, just like you would if you were posting it now. Once you have the post ready, click on the little clock symbol in the bottom left corner of the post. Here you can add a year, month, day, hour and minute (though you are only given ten minute increments to choose from). You can schedule up to 6 months into the future, but I’m not really sure if that would be beneficial. Once you have the time set, just click the schedule button and you’re all set.

Facebook's Scheduled Posts


#2 You can always go back and edit your scheduled posts

If you realize you made a mistake, or something has changed and you need to edit a pos,t Facebook makes that pretty easy. From your Admin Panel you click on Edit Page and then Use Activity Log. Select the post you want to edit or delete and your ready to go.

#3 There are certain types of posts you can schedule

There are certain types of posts that Facebook lets you schedule, such as Status Updates, Links, Photos, Videos, and YouTube links. All of these will appear on your timeline and in your fans’ news feeds just like you manually posted them.

#4 There are certain types of posts you can’t schedule

However, there are certain types of content you can’t schedule. Questions, offers, events, and albums fall into this category. And your scheduled posts won’t automatically post to Twitter if you have that set up. (If you do, please turn it off – Facebook and Twitter are different animals and need you to feed them different types of content. Perhaps that is for another post.)

#5 Don’t forget your scheduled posts

In the busyness of your day, don’t forget that you have scheduled content going out to your fans. Check your page when you have a few minutes during the day and respond to any fan comments. And an impromptu post with something that just happened is always a welcome addition to your scheduled content.

Everyone can benefit from Facebook’s scheduled posts

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never scheduled a post, or you’ve been using a third party app,  there are definitely some advantages to using Facebook’s scheduled posts. It’s a great time saver that allows you to get content out multiple times a day without being tied to your screen. And, it allows you to get that content out when your fans are most active online. Experiment with when you post and check your Facebook Insights to see what type of content and what timing is working best for you.

Are you using scheduled posts? If so, have you noticed a difference in fan engagement?



Who’s Faking It? (Infographic)

Who’s Faking It?

Buying fake Twitter followers has been in the news a lot lately, mostly thanks to the election process and a new app from Status People that let’s you find out who’s faking it.  We actually first posted about the fake follower issue here on the blog back on Aug. 15. This week we found this interesting infographic and decided to make it our Friday Infographic here on the blog.

You Might Be Surprised by Who’s Faking It

  • The earliest fake account dates back to Jan 15, 2007Over 11,000 Twitter users have purchased more than 72,000 fake followers
  • Those celebrities with huge Twitter followings, probably padded with fake accounts
  • Politicians are right behind the celebrities when it comes to fake followers
  • Surprisingly, some of the top social networks have hug fake followings on Twitter
  • It can cost anywhere from $2-$55 for 1000 fake followers

Who's Faking it on Twitter?

The Real Cost of Fake Followers

While many people are buying fake followers to boost their numbers for various reasons, they are obviously missing the point of social media. Fake followers aren’t sharing your idea or buying your product. And the level of trust your customer or client has in you will almost certainly suffer when thy find out you’re a fake. So play it smart. Build your following the old fashioned way, with a great product, excellent customer service that gives your real fans something to talk about.

Would you buy fake followers if you though it would boost your online image?

A Very Cool Opportunity From Jeep


Jeep at Yankee Boy Basin

Yankee Boy Basin in our Jeep

A Very Cool Opportunity

A couple of weeks ago I received a tweet about a very cool opportunity from Jeep that involves two of my passions. At first I was a little skeptical, but after a follow-up tweet it was clear that this wasn’t a friend messing with me, it was for real.

That’s right, Jeep invited me to attend the Laurel Highlands Jeep Jamobree in Pensylvania, all expenses covered, because they consider me a brand advocate. I quickly called Julie to tell her and when she logged in to Twitter she had received the same message.

Jeeps ‘R Us

If you know Julie and me, you know we love our Jeep, it’s part of our personal brand. We tweet about it, post pics on Facebook and Instagram and I even have a YouTube channel dedicated to our Jeeping adventures. I guess you could call us brand advocates, fanatics, cult members, whatever you prefer. Jeep was pretty excited when they found out we were married, they got two for the price of one. As we began to tell our friends, the typical response was “of course Jeep wants you to do this.” [Read more…]

Labor Day

Labor Day

Today is Labor Day here in the US. Traditionally a holiday to celebrate the contributions of workers. It’s a day to relax, spend time with family and celebrate the unofficial end of Summer. Here at Rocky Mountain Media Group we hope you are able to do just that, we are. Enjoy!

Visual Storytelling – Infographic

Visual Storytelling Infographic

Again with the images?

Last week we shared an infographic that illustrated the importance of using images in your content that we hope you found helpful. As we were browsing the web searching for another infographic to share this week we came across another one about the importance of using images. At first we were hesitant to share it since it was so similar to last week’s post. But after thinking about it, we decided it was share-worthy, and that there is no way to over-emphasize the importance of visual storytelling when it comes to your brand’s social content. So without further ado, we bring you this week’s social media infographic.

Some key stats about visual storytelling:

  • On Facebook’s Top Ten Brand Pages, photos and videos drive the most engagement
  • Instagram is on pace to reach 100 million users faster than Facebook did
  • Four out of Ten Tumblr posts are photos
  • 10o million users interact socially with videos on YouTube weekly
  • Photos and videos on Pinterest refer more web traffic than Twitter, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn and Google+

For more interesting and helpful statistics, check out the infographic.


Visual Storytelling - Infographic


What brands have you seen use visual storytelling well? Post a link and share the visual love.



That Rocky Mountain Thing

Mt. Bierstadt View

It’s Monday and maybe you stopped by the the Rocky Mountain Media Group site or checked your RSS reader looking for an new post with some helpful tips on how to get the most out of your social media efforts this week. If that’s the case, I apologize. We took a break this weekend and did that Rocky Mountain thing. Sunday we stepped away from our computers, did some social networking in person, and headed up into the mountains. Actually, up the mountain would be more accurate. Mt. Bierstadt at 14,060 feet to be more precise.   [Read more…]

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Bucks? (Infographic)

Yeah, we all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, but it may also be worth a thousand bucks. If you’ve been reading the rm2g blog for any length of time you know that using images in your digital content is important. Today’s infographic helps illustrate just how important it is for everything from grabbing your customer’s attention to closing that thousand dollar sale.

Some key info:

  • Pinterest is the 3rd most popular social network with a focus on sharing images
  • Facebook just spent a gazillion dollars on Instagram because they know how important images are (okay, so it was actually only $1 billion)
  • Articles containing relevant images have 94% more views
  • 60% say images in local searches grab their attention
  • 67% of consumers say the quality of the product image is very important

Check out the infographic below and let us know what you think.



It's All About the Images Infographic

Personal Branding – the Back To School Exercise

Personal Branding - Back To School

“All About Me”

Today was my daughter’s first day of Jr High and just like her first day of kindergarden she had to complete an “All About Me” exercise for her teachers. Her answers to simple questions will be the first impressions her teachers have and will influence their opinions of just who Jessa Abel is as she enters those wonderful, awkward years.

Who Are You?

The “All About Me” form consists of pretty simple and straight-forward questions about who you are. Here are a few of Jessa’s answers.

First and Last Name: Jessa Abel
My sister/brother: is annoying, fun and a friend
My friends: are everywhere
My dad: is super cool (no money was exchanged, I promise)
My greatest worry: is getting lost
I secretly: I have no secrets. Really
I am usually afraid: of nothing
My best sport: rock climbing
I dream: wild and crazy dreams
I would really like to: go to London and visit the Dr. Who museum

These short, honest answers provide an accurate picture of who Jessa is. She loves people, has a challenged sense of direction, isn’t shy, really has no fear about trying anything new and is a dreamer. And the fact that at almost 13, she thinks dad is even a little cool, encourages me that at least I’ve done a few things right.

Your About Me Page

Like it or not, you have produced an about me page that lives all over the internet. From your social media profiles to the photos you post via Instagram, and the things you pin on Pinterest, you are constantly writing and re-writing your about me page. And this page isn’t for your teacher, but for your future employers, landlords, business partners, a potential spouse or anyone else with a computer and internet access.

You Control Your Personal Brand

When it comes to personal branding, unless there are some major skeletons in your closet, you have control of how you are presented online. How you answer “the questions” shapes what others think of you. The key, be honest. Sure, Jessa could have made up answers that made her seem to be something other than what she is. And you can too. But she would have been busted as a fraud as soon as her teachers got to know her in real life. The key to personal branding online it to be yourself. Nothing is worse than meeting someone in real life and realizing they are nothing like who they appeared to be online. Trust lost. Opportunity lost.

Take a few minutes and look at your online presence and see if it is an accurate representation of the real you.

Twitter 101 – Back To The Basics (Infographic)

Today we share some tips from the Twitter 101 course because some of our readers are new to Twitter, and for the rest of you it’s always good to go back to the basics.

Key Twitter 101 Principles:

  • Complete your bio
  • Share your smile
  • Use the #Hashtag
  • Be interested and interesting
  • Be yourself
  • If someone mentions you, respond
  • Promote others way more than yourself
  • Share your expertise
  • A pic is worth more than 140 characters
  • Don’t let the intern manage your Twitter account
  • Ask for help


Twitter Tips Infographic  Infographic created by Cheryl Lawson for Party Aficionado .


What Twitter 101 tips would you add to the infographic?