Saturday Social Media Summary – Twitter, LinkedIn and Creating Content Google Loves

Welcome to our Social Media Summary.  Each Saturday we review 3 of the biggest social media stories from the previous week. This week we’re looking at Twitter’s announcement about expanded Tweets,  and  LinkedIn’s Video Ads. The third story will highlight a blog post that we discovered and think you will find helpful. Kind of the best of the best from what we share on our Facebook page during the week. This week it’s a post by Jeff Bullas in which he shares a great infographic on content and SEO and also highlights 23 hints for creating content that Google loves.

We hope you find this new weekly social media summary helpful and would love to hear any feedback in the comments. Without further ado, here’s this week’s edition of the Saturday Social Media Summary.


Social Media Summary 10-27-12


Twitter Further Expands Expanded Tweets

Twitter - Expanded Tweets - Amazon Links

Earlier this summer Twitter announced the ability to expand a Tweet to view photos, videos and previews right in the Tweet. This week they announced that they have been working with partners over the past few months and now have more than 2,000 ways to bring more interaction to your Tweet stream. These changes are not only for the website, but for iPhone, Android and Blackberry apps as well.

An example of the expanded capability is can now view product descriptions, prices, ratings and reviews from Amazon in the Tweet itself. Another is CNN’s ability to deliver live statistics and a video clip during a presidential debate. And you can now listen to a song preview from Soundcloud and then like or share it from within the Tweet. For more examples of how you can take advantage of the newly updated expanded tweets check out the Twitter blog.

Twitter Expanded Tweets - Soundcloud Preview

Of course Twitter claims this is to enhance the user experience, but we all know it’s all about keeping the user inside the Twitter experience. What do you think of the new expanded Tweets? Are you seeing them in your stream?


LinkedIn Video Ads

LinkedIn began rolling out the option for video ads through the self-serve LinkedIn Ads interface this week. The ads will appear in standard 300×250 units across LinkedIn and will work similar to traditional text and image ad formats. When a user clicks on the video ad, the video will play for 30 seconds and then users will be able to click through to your site.

LinkedIn Video Ads


23 Hints for Creating Content Google Loves

This week’s featured blog post comes from Jeff Bullas. In it he discusses why his focus is on creating great content and not on SEO. He also shares that with Google’s recent Panda and Penguin updates he is seeing a 15% increase in hits from search engines daily. It looks like his strategy of focusing on creating great content instead of trying to game the Goole algorithm is working, just as Google suggests.

Search is a complicated and evolving art and science, so rather than focusing on specific algorithmic tweaks, we encourage you to focus on delivering the best possible experience for users.” – Google

Here is the infographic from the blog, but you’ll have to click through to Jeff’s post to get the 23 tips.

Why Content For SEO Infographic


What other social media news got your attention this week?

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