A Very Cool Opportunity From Jeep


Jeep at Yankee Boy Basin

Yankee Boy Basin in our Jeep

A Very Cool Opportunity

A couple of weeks ago I received a tweet about a very cool opportunity from Jeep that involves two of my passions. At first I was a little skeptical, but after a follow-up tweet it was clear that this wasn’t a friend messing with me, it was for real.

That’s right, Jeep invited me to attend the Laurel Highlands Jeep Jamobree in Pensylvania, all expenses covered, because they consider me a brand advocate. I quickly called Julie to tell her and when she logged in to Twitter she had received the same message.

Jeeps ‘R Us

If you know Julie and me, you know we love our Jeep, it’s part of our personal brand. We tweet about it, post pics on Facebook and Instagram and I even have a YouTube channel dedicated to our Jeeping adventures. I guess you could call us brand advocates, fanatics, cult members, whatever you prefer. Jeep was pretty excited when they found out we were married, they got two for the price of one. As we began to tell our friends, the typical response was “of course Jeep wants you to do this.”

A Case Study in the Making

And while we’re really excited about the opportunity to participate in the Jeep Jamboree, we’re also pretty stoked to be able to provide a behind the scenes look at how Jeep does social media. We’re approaching this as a very personal case study on branding, social media and how to engage your fans.

I think we can bring a pretty unique perspective. As Jeep fans we can cover the personal side of what it’s like for a brand to recognize you as someone they consider to be influential. As social media consultants we hope to be able to give you a peek at how Jeep selected us for this opportunity, interview the people behind the @Jeep Twitter account and give our professional assessment of the whole experience. We’ll give you the honest run down of how it goes, the things that went well from a Jeep branding standpoint, as well as any things we see that could have been done better.

Yes and No

Yes, we are receiving compensation for this experience and you need to know that. Our airfare, shuttle, lodging and meals will be provided. We will also have access to a Jeep for the Jamboree and will receive a gift card to cover any additional expenses. And I’m hoping there will be some Jeep swag along the way. But we promise we’ll give you our honest impressions and won’t be posting anything we wouldn’t if we had paid for this trip.

Follow The Jamboree Experience

So, stay tuned. We head to Pennsylvania Sept. 13-16 and we’ll be sharing about the Jeep Jamboree experience on our personal Twitter accounts (Jeff and Julie) using the #Jeep and #JeepJamboree hashtags, Facebook pages (Jeff and Julie), Instagram streams, personal blogs (Jeff and Julie) and our Colorado Jeep Guy YouTube channel. And we’ll be sposting our social media insights here on the rm2g blog. You can find out more about Jeep via Twitter, Facebook, their blog and YouTube channel.

Looking at your social media presence, what brand is most likely to consider you an advocate?


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  1. Y’all are so rad. I think that this isn’t just a great case study of Jeep’s social media marketing, but also a case study of how to get noticed by a brand through your consistent social media efforts. This is a story that anyone – whether they are Jeep enthusiasts, or coffee snobs or child advocates promoting social causes – should think about.

    • Thanks Sarah – we’re excited to share this experience from all perspectives. Though it wasn’t our intention to get noticed by Jeep, I think that is a great idea and there are definitely some things you can do to make those connections.

  2. Can’t wait to hear all about it! Have a blast, Jeff and Julie!!

  3. Congrats Jeff & Julie! Social media is powerful and y’all are just beginning to tap into it’s potential. Looking forward to tracking your progress. 🙂

  4. How awesome! Keep up the good work, Jeff and Julie