Every 60 Seconds on the Social Web (Infographic)

Every 60 seconds on the social web a whirlwind of information is shared by individuals and organizations attempting to get the attention of their digital audience. Today’s infographic give you a snapshot of the the social web and what happens every minute.

Some statistics that caught my attention:

  • On Twitter there are 98,000+ tweets sent and 320 new accounts created every
  • LinkedIn gains 100+ new accounts
  • Facebook users post 695,000+ status updates, 79,364 wall posts, and 510.040 comments
  • There are over 60 new blogs created, and 1,500 blog posts
  • Some of these are posted to the over 50 WordPress downloads each minute
  • Tumblr has 20,000 new posts
  • 600+ videos are uploaded to YouTube
  • 6,600+ new photos are posted to Flickr

The social web is growing daily. More and more people are creating content specifically for the social web, and likewise, more people are turning to the social web as their primary source of information. As this space continues to grow, using it effectively becomes about crafting your story and creating content that shares that story in a compelling way.

Is your story reaching your audience and are they compelled to engage with it? Share a compelling story you discovered on the social web today in the comments.




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