The rm2g Story

 We’ve seen the power of social media, and have a desire to help others harness it to do good in the world.   Though social media offers powerful marketing opportunities, we believe it’s ultimately about “being social” — about building relationships and community around the things you are passionate about. Rocky Mountain Media Group was born out of the desire to focus our professional lives around our passions, and we’re here to help you do that too.

Born Out Of Our Passions

As we prepared to launch Rocky Mountain Media Group we didn’t want it to be just another social media business. It was important for rm2g to be a reflection of who we are.

Community has played a significant role in our lives, and it’s taken many shapes. Having been facilitators of community — living and working with college students, managing a residential facility for single moms and their kids, and interacting with old and new friends alike on Twitter and Facebook — we love seeing people unite around a common purpose to achieve what they never could individually.

Another passion we share is learning and teaching. Our experience in education (Jeff) and corporate training (Julie) allows us to filter what we’ve learned, and also share it with others in ways that are both easy to understand and to put into practice.

Also, each of us has over a decade and a half of experience in the non-profit world. This time has allowed us to taste both the extreme challenges and the amazing rewards of helping others. We are committed to helping non-profits maximize their resources to better accomplish their mission.

Something else we’re passionate about? Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region — our home. On the weekends, when we’re not shuttling our kids between school activities, you can usually find us in the mountains, camera in hand. We started visiting (or as Julie calls it, “collecting”) national parks with our kids several years ago. The closest park to us, Rocky Mountain National Park, almost feels like home to us now — and we have several thousand photos of elk to prove it. And if we’re not hiking a trail, we’re probably on one in our Jeep®. We started our Jeeping adventures in the summer of 2010. And it’s safe to say we’re hooked.

And social media. We love social media. It’s what ties all of our passions together and allows us to share them with others. With social media, we’ve been able to build community around what we’re passionate about — a brand, a lifestyle, a cause, you name it. Social media isn’t just something we talk about — it’s how we live.

And it’s what Rocky Mountain Media Group is all about.

What We Do

You can find out more about what Rocky Mountain Media Group  does and how we can help on our services page, but rm2g is much more than just a consulting and management company. Rock Mountain Media Group is also the parent company for several of our own projects we’re currently working on and others that we dream to launch someday. Julie is working on a blog about equipping non-profit leaders to be more effective in guiding their teams and fulfill their calling. Jeff is preparing to launch a YouTube channel and a blog highlighting some of the Jeep trails in Colorado and encouraging families to hit the trails together. There are a few other projects in the works — but you’ll have to wait to hear about those.

What All This Means For You

What does all of this mean for you? Well, it means that we love what we are doing and we love helping others do what they love doing. It means we not only talk about social media, but are constantly using it for our own personal projects.  We know what’s new — and more importantly, what works and what doesn’t, and where you should focus your resources. We’re embracing the “social” side of social media and  we invite you to join us.  We’re here to help you build a community around your passions.